When I say that I’m glad you found us, I genuinely mean it. It took me 4 years to find this information and these conversations after desperately trying to figure out “what was wrong with me.” My hope is that by creating this platform, I can help others to find health and happiness long before they get to the 4 year marker. It saddens me that so many people, humans, living souls, have to go through life struggling for so long. Depression and chronic disease are rampant in our society - and the effects that pharmaceuticals have on these conditions are sub par to say the least.

Whether or not you want to believe it yet, only YOU have the power to heal yourself and to find happiness. No magical pill will do that for you. Its going to take some elbow grease on your part, and a lot of soul searching to find the reasons as to WHY you want to live. What I have found is that the human experience requires us to find passion, drive, meaningful connection, and purpose in order to WANT to get better. So, what do you feel that your purpose is? I found my purpose through my own struggle. Through feeling as if my life was going to surmount to nothing important - only to realize that I could turn my own struggle into my passion. Start to ponder these questions. Ask yourself what brings you meaning. Is it your family? Your dog? Your artwork? All of these things are important to nurture. Ignore what society tells you you are “supposed” to do. Think about it - we are living on a floating ball of lava orbiting around another ball of lava in an endless universe. Anything is possible. There is no right or wrong. There is only what you perceive. So start to be aware of your perspective. Challenge your perspective. And make a promise to yourself that you will put the work into creating a healthy relationship with life - because I PROMISE you are worth it.

I am here to help guide you down this path. Through lifestyle changes, through poking holes in your prior outlooks, through helping you to get in touch with your body, through clinical applications, and through helping you to cultivate a mindful relationship with the food you put into your body. How we treat ourselves will reflect the level of life we’re able to get out of our bodies. So lets commit together to treating our bodies as we would treat our lovers, our best friends, our families, our pets. The world is dependent on us to change our outlooks and perspectives on life on this planet. I so look forward to meeting you.

With love, gratitude, and light,