The Power of Speaking Your Truth


You know that feeling, when you have a knot in your throat from an emotion, but feel that you have to hide it and repress it from being fully experienced and expressed because of some societal expectation? That knot isn’t just the feeling of tears waiting to erupt, its the ENERGY of emotion needing a space to be set free. These repressed emotions don’t just dissipate and go away. They get stored as memories throughout our bodies. In our muscles. In our joints. In our subconscious memory, waiting, just waiting, for an opportune time to represent themselves. What we feel, what we believe, deserves to be verbalized into the spoken word. It deserves to be expressed. The freedom from our pain lays in our capacity to speak this truth, whether it be to other people or even to ourselves.

Our society has developed these norms that drive a fear of assertiveness, of feelings, of emotions. A fear that if we express these emotions we’ll be judged harshly for them, so we’re better off being diplomatic and emotionless. The time has come for us to speak our truth, to be assertive to those around us of how we feel and to reclaim our power. This means standing up for yourself, your beliefs and ideas in a work environment; whether you defend an idea to your boss or a co-worker or explain to others how their actions may have hurt you. It means telling your significant other how you feel, truly and deeply. Whether you tell them you love them for the first time and drop the fear of being the first one to say it, or tell them specifically what they could do to bring more joy into your relationship. It means reclaiming your power from someone who may have harmed you, whether it be sexual abuse, physical abuse, or emotional. Reclaiming your power means expressing how their actions may have affected your life. With this comes forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean that we brush off what others may have done and discredit how wrong it was. Forgiveness means letting go of the built up emotion we hold onto so strongly and releasing the grip that others may have on our lives.

So what is your truth? What have you been holding onto for so long without expressing to the person that it needs to be expressed to, even if that means being honest with yourself. Emotions are REAL. The pain we experience on a day to day basis from chronic disease, chronic pain, chronic fatigue may very well be from a build up of emotions over time that are BEGGING you to release them. Your body doesn’t work against you. It gives you messages when something needs to change. In this notion exists the power we have to heal ourselves.