Free 15-Minute Introductory Consultation


Not so sure if you’re ready to hit the ground running? We’re happy to chat with you for a few minutes to better understand your concerns. This will give us both the opportunity to make sure we’re well suited for each other. You will have the opportunity to list your top 3 health concerns, and we can give you a general overview of how we’d approach your intervention strategy.


New Patient Consult

Your first appointment will establish a plan of action for your path to healing. Your intervention strategy will include coaching, custom supplement and herbal formulations, therapeutic diet and food recommendations, education, and possible functional laboratory work. Chelsie utilizes food diaries, physical examinations, laboratory work, and your health history to design a personalized plan unique to you as an individual to meet your health care needs. This appointment can last any where from an hour and a half to two hours. Click here for a list of frequently asked questions.


Follow Up Visits

The number of follow-ups depends on your individual needs.  Those coming in for nutritional psychology protocols or a chronic illness should expect to come in every 2-3 weeks for the first 6 months. Athletes in need of support preparing for, during, and post competition season should expect to work with us every 2-3 weeks starting 6 months before the start of the season. Others who want a general wellness plan can expect 2-3 visits. As the focus moves towards maintaining wellness, clients can come in seasonally to learn how to care for your body with food and herbs during different times of the year. Click here for answers to frequently asked questions.




Bring the whole family in for a consultation to devise a health and eating plan to suit every family members individual needs. Learn how to plan and prepare meals to make everyone happy while supporting the needs of everyone’s bodies. Each family member will fill out intake paperwork, and each family member’s health history and anthropometrics will be analyzed. A great gift for a family looking to improve their health as a team!


Corporate Workshops


A great opportunity to develop a program to help your employees learn proactive strategies to start improving their health and well being. Base line workshop pricing varies, with opportunities to build out more robust, ongoing wellness programs and individual sessions with employees. These packages are customized to each businesses needs. We are honored to be partnered with Bloom Corporate Yoga & Meditation to offer more robust wellness packages for corporate settings, visit for more information, and schedule a call with us today to discuss your options as to how we can tailor a program to support you businesses well-being.


Cooking Demo

Ever dreamed of having a personal chef? This is close to it, but you’ll walk away with much much more. During a cooking demo, you will learn how to effectively pair foods together to create delicious meals, and about all of the kitchen tools and gadgets that can support you in getting there. You will begin with a custom tailored meal plan and will be guided through the preparation of four meals on this plan. We will also help you clean out your pantry - a rare treat that usually only happens when your mother comes to town! This session can be done either at your house, or in our kitchen. Travel fee applied for home visit.


Yoga Therapeutics

Personal one hour long yoga therapeutic session to learn the basics of meditation and therapeutic movement. Great for those needing to calm their minds and move their bodies with a little extra support and attention. You will learn how to effectively move in an structurally integrated way to support your joints and make your muscles happy.