Let’s see what our patients have to say about us:

“I was in and out of all sorts of doctors offices, received tests from the nations biggest lab, and still never received any real answers and kept getting sicker. I felt like I was just another number to take money from, instead of a patient to heal. Then I found Chelsie. I have always been into holistic health and knew how important a good diet was, but I didn’t know if it was possible to heal such a severe infection naturally. Chelsie schooled me hard in so many ways. She taught me that I could heal myself and gave me the tools and the mental strength to do it. I now know what an incredible machine our bodies are if we give them what they need. I truly feel like Chelsie saved my life. In all honesty, I felt stuck and so alone from being in a bad health situation with zero reasonable conventional choices. I had never been sicker in my life and I feared for the worst. I am forever grateful to Chelsie; not only for the incredible and vast knowledge she possesses but also for her genuine kindness. She had the knowledge, eagerness, and resources to support me in health. But more importantly, always had a healthy optimism that kept me going. This experience taught me to never take my health for granted, and Chelsie taught me how to eat and live for longterm health. Thank you, Chelsie!” - Natasha Brinkley

“You know that saying - “when one thing changes, everything changes”?
That’s been my experience since working with Chelsie. Well, okay, maybe there was more than ONE change, but it all started the day I filled out my health assessment to begin working with Chelsie. My first thought was, “this is really extensive”  my second thought was, “why aren’t our primary doctors looking into our whole health like this” I had this immediate sense of relief and hope that my underlying issues would finally be exposed and the secondary issues would be corrected. I have always been an advocate for my health, and have done my best at eating the right foods and taking supplements, exercise yoga and sleep.  

The confusing and laborious part i feel for all of us is knowing the best, most bio-available supplements, and eliminating the crap. Thats the first thing Chelsie did for me when we met. I seriously needed her research and work on this to straighten this all out for me. Also, knowing where my deficiencies were.  Your finger nail, your hair, your skin, your sleep, your energy levels…all that and more gave  Chelsie a snapshot of my  strengths and weaknesses in my  diet and lifestyle habits. Chelsie went to work with me on my gut health.  And this is the ONE thing that changed, where everything else began to change.

My energy is up, my thinking is clear, my mood is light and engaging, my weight went down, my appetite increased, my strength in the gym is greater. My sleep is solid. All my complaints have literally been eliminated when Chelsie sorted through my health history, diet and supplementation.  AND, she sends me recipes!!  My husband is so happy I have a purpose in the kitchen now! Chelsie has been available to me every time I’ve reached out with a question. I have never in my life felt so supported in eliminating what isn’t good for me, and embracing what I need for optimum health and wellness. The guesswork and my own stumbling around the internet for information is over.  I am so so grateful. I wish this for all of you that visit this page and have the pleasure of working with Moore Integrative Health.” - Shelley Buehner

“After I got sober and was living a life of sobriety I became aware of the way I felt, not only emotionally but physically. Physically I was in pain. I think back to the times after meals when I would roll around on my bathroom floor. I would hold my abdomen wishing I could pop my stomach to release the pressure and relieve the inflammation as well as the pain I was experiencing. It was not just my stomach that was taking the hit. I was chronically fatigued, had severe brain fog, was constantly bloated, had dry skin, dandruff, thinning hair, and felt an overall discomfort in my whole body. This was my norm and I believed this was just the way I would always feel. This all changed one day when I was talking to a friend about my symptoms. She gave me Chelsie's contact information and was sure that I would find relief. I called Chelsie the next day and asked her if she would be willing to help me. She emailed me extensive intake paperwork right away, suggested an elimination diet, and gave me a list of supplements that could be helpful based on my eating habits and symptoms. She provided me with grocery lists, recipes, and all the tools I needed to be successful. After just one week, my stomach pain had subsided. After two weeks my dandruff was gone as well as the dryness on the back of my arms. I felt SO good, better than ever before! I stayed on this elimination diet for two whole months then started re-introducing foods I had avoided. After a few weeks I fell back into old habits. I was eating sugar and felt awful all over again. This time I knew what to do to feel my very best. I went back to following all the advise and information Chelsie provided me with. She not only helped me change my life, but she gave me the tools to be successful for a lifetime." -Lauren Rudin